Welcome to T. Frank McCall’s Chemical Cleaners, your go-to source for affordable, high-efficiency cleaning solutions. Our products offer the same superior performance as top commercial brands, ensuring exceptional results for all your janitorial and industrial needs– without the hefty price tag. Explore our range of eco-friendly and powerful cleaners designed to tackle the toughest tasks and maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Experience quality and value with T. Frank McCall’s Chemical Cleaners!

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Bactisan Disinfectant/Cleaner
This phosphate-free concentrate effectively cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects large areas like operating rooms, patient care facilities, and restrooms. When diluted at 2 ounces per gallon of water, it combats Pseudomonas aeruginosa, MRSA, and VISA, meeting hospital standards. Perfect for deodorizing challenging areas such as garbage storage and toilet bowls.
Big Blue Toilet Bowl Cleaner
This bio-enzymatic cleaner fits easily into various toilet tanks, lasting for 900 flushes with enhanced cleaning power. It releases beneficial bacteria to eliminate odor-causing biomaterials, keeping your toilet bowl clean, blue, and fresh.
Carpet Fresh
McCall’s Ultra Fine Carpet Fresh Deodorizing Powder quickly revitalizes carpets with a fresh scent, neutralizing odors and leaving a clean environment.
Complete Bowl/Bath Cleaner
This acid-free, safe-to-use cleaner effectively removes tough stains, lime scale, rust, and mineral deposits from bathrooms. The non-abrasive formula won’t damage surfaces and features a thick fragrance base for lasting deodorization.
Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner
Our disinfecting bowl and porcelain cleaner offers broad-spectrum germ control and effective cleaning for toilet fixtures. With a thick formula for added cling, it leaves a refreshing cherry fragrance, perfect for daily use.
Drainze HD Drain Opener
Experience powerful drain opening without harsh acids. This non-fuming formula is safe on plumbing and effectively dissolves starches, fats, grease, hair, and other organic wastes, even through standing water.
Dynasol+ Cleaner/Degreaser
McCall’s Dyna-Sol Plus loosens, lifts, and suspends all soil types. Ideal for both food processing and industrial areas, it cleans heavily soiled floors, walls, ducts, and machinery without butyl compounds or residue. No rinsing needed unless on food surfaces.
Edge Baseboard Stripper
This heavy-duty foaming stripper removes wax build-up in hard-to-reach areas like baseboards and tile. The thick foam clings to surfaces for easy removal, emulsifying wax quickly for a clean, wax-free finish, 19 OZ.
Emulsol Stainless Steel Polish
This superior stainless steel polish cleans, polishes, and protects without leaving an oily residue. Regular use helps maintain the factory finish, resisting fingerprints and water spots. Ideal for escalators, elevators, and metal trim, 15 OZ.
EnziClean Hard Surface Bio Cleaner
Experience powerful drain opening without harsh acids. This non-fuming formula is safe on plumbing and effectively dissolves starches, fats, grease, hair, and other organic wastes, even through standing water.
Enzymatic Organic Odor Destroyer
This advanced bio-enzymatic formula controls malodors instantly and provides long-lasting deodorization. With over 200 billion bacteria per gallon, it promotes rapid grease liquefaction and cleaning. USDA authorized for versatile use.
EZ Rinse Crème Cleanser
An effective crème cleanser designed for polishing porcelain, ceramics, and hard surfaces. Its unique formula combines polishing aids, detergents, and rust removers for effortless cleaning and a sparkling finish.
FAB-reeze Deodorizer

This water-soluble deodorizer neutralizes odors from various sources. Mix with mopping solutions or rug shampoos, or use as a space spray. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more.

Directions: For space spray, mist upward into the air. For a longer-lasting effect, spray over absorbent material. In extreme cases, spray directly on the odor source. Dilute 1/2 ounce per gallon of water when adding to cleaning solutions. Test colorfastness on carpets and draperies before use.

Fresh Breeze Concentrated Deodorizer
Control obnoxious odors for over 24 hours with this revolutionary deodorizer. Our proprietary MCA™ odor inhibitors change the molecular structure of odors, while the MODA™ essence fills spaces with a fresh scent. Concentrated and water-soluble for versatile use.
Glass & Plexi Cleansing Foam
Spray and wipe clean for a streak-free shine on windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. Our high-foaming formula clings to vertical surfaces, quickly breaking up soil without dripping or streaking, leaving a fresh aroma, 19 OZ.
Glass & Plexi Ready-To-Use Liquid
Spray and wipe clean for a streak-free shine on windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. Our high-foaming formula clings to vertical surfaces, quickly breaking up soil without dripping or streaking, leaving a fresh aroma, 19 OZ.
Glass & Plexi Concentrate
This highly concentrated cleaner effortlessly removes greasy soil from glass and high-gloss surfaces. One quart makes 5 gallons, offering significant savings. Its neutral pH makes it safe for various surfaces, leaving them bright and clean.
Gum/Wax Remover
Easily remove gum, wax, putty, and other gummy substances by freezing them for quick removal. Our formula leaves no residue and is safe for surfaces like furniture, carpet, and upholstery, 12 OZ.
Hospital Disinfectant Spray
This powerful disinfectant spray kills most germs, controls mold and mildew, and eliminates odors on hard, non-porous surfaces. Ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, and commercial spaces, it disinfects surfaces like toilet seats, garbage cans, and more, 15.5 OZ.
Invincible Bowl Cleaner
A fast-acting cleaner and disinfectant for toilets, this product safely cleans and deodorizes all porcelain fixtures. It is fully inhibited for safe use on metal parts, making it easy to handle for housekeeping staff.
Jinx Foaming Degreaser
Remove dirty handprints, scuff marks, and more with this powerful foaming degreaser. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and general cleaning, it tackles tough stains on painted surfaces, floors, and tiles, 19 OZ.
Knockout Flying Insect Killer

This pleasantly scented spray kills houseflies, mosquitoes, and other common pests indoors.

Directions: To use, close doors and windows, and spray upward with a sweeping motion. Wait two hours, then ventilate the room to remove odors, 15 OZ.

Lemon Quat+ Disinfectant Cleaner
Clean, deodorize, and disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces with Lemon Quat+. This non-abrasive cleaner is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, inhibiting mold and mildew growth while leaving a fresh scent. USDA authorized and EPA registered for peace of mind.
Machineless Stripper
Metallic Ultra High Shine Sealer/Finish delivers a brilliant wet-look gloss and excellent durability.
Marveloso Deodorizer
Leaves no residue or stains while eliminating stale tobacco odors. Perfect for instant deodorization in restaurants, restrooms, hotels, nursing homes, schools, offices, locker rooms, smoking areas, and garbage areas. The atomized mist quickly spreads throughout any area, releasing a fresh fragrance for complete deodorization, 10 OZ.
Marveloso Liquid Deodorizer/Cleaner
Experience the power of Marveloso, fortified with a delightful lavender fragrance. This cleaner deodorizes and cleans in one step, leaving surfaces fresh without any residue. Ideal for floors, walls, and countertops in schools, offices, and retail stores.
Metallic Finish
Achieve a brilliant, wet-look gloss with the Metallic Ultra High Shine Sealer/Finish. Its unique formulation offers superior durability, soil resistance, and easy application, perfect for high-traffic areas in schools, lobbies, and supermarkets.
Muscle Oven Cleaner

Our high-foam oven cleaner tackles heavy grease, baked-on food, and carbon with ease. Safe for porcelain, ceramics, stainless steel, and cast iron, it clings to surfaces, working deep into thick grease build-up for quick and efficient cleaning, 20 OZ.

Directions: Use on warm or cold ovens. Ideal for ceramic, porcelain, cast iron, grills, and stainless steel.

Natural Pink Lotion Soap
Our luxurious pink hand soap is lotionized with pure coconut oil and a refreshing almond fragrance. Designed for use in various dispensers, it offers rich foam and excellent cleaning while being gentle on the skin.
Nu-Shine Neutral Floor Cleaner
Nushine is a superior cleaner and reconditioner for maintaining modern floor finishes. Its synergistic detergent system enhances cleaning performance and increases gloss. Perfect for any floor with a USDA-authorized formula.
One & Only Finish/Sealer
Experience a revolution in floor finish with One & Only. This high-solids formula provides unmatched gloss and durability with fewer coats. Its combination of sealer and finish delivers exceptional results, making it perfect for any high-traffic area.
Orange Dyna-mo
Our multi-surface citrus degreaser is perfect for removing grease, oil, and grime without chlorinated solvents. Ideal for institutional, commercial, and industrial use, this heavy-duty degreaser works wonders on motors, parts, floors, and more, 14 OZ. Directions: Spray with heavy foam, let dwell for 1-2 minutes, and wipe clean.
Pearl Luxor Hand Soap
Pearl Luxor is a premium pearlized lotion soap designed for gentle handwashing and showering. Enriched with emollients and conditioners, it provides a rich lather with a pH-balanced formula for mildness and cleanliness.
PGP General Purpose Cleaner
Our concentrated all-purpose cleaner is designed for the safe removal of various soils. With a balanced detergent system, it maximizes cleaning power and is USDA authorized for superior performance in all environments.
Power Orange Degreaser
Power Orange is an all-natural citrus extract solvent designed for industrial and institutional cleaning, degreasing, and deodorizing. Its advanced formulation ensures maximum emulsification and cleaning power for a multitude of applications.
Residual Ant & Roach Killer

Protect your space with our broad-spectrum insecticide, offering up to 3 months of residual control with a pleasant cherry scent. This powerful formula targets ants, roaches, spiders, and more, providing quick knockdown and long-lasting protection, 14 OZ.

Directions: Spray in areas where insects are found or may hide, such as around doors, windows, sinks, and baseboards.

Residual Insect Powder

Our residual insect powder effectively kills fire ants and other insects by dehydrating them. Simply sprinkle the powder on or around ant hills, and let it work its magic. Perfect for use in hospitals, warehouses, kitchens, and more.

Directions: Use in areas like hospitals, warehouses, bakeries, kitchens, and schools for quick insect control.

Residual Liquid Roach Killer
This ready-to-use insecticide provides immediate knockdown of crawling and flying insects. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, it’s effective against bedbugs, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, and more. Ideal for homes, schools, restaurants, and more.
ScaleX Tile/Porclean Cleaner
Scalex is a fast-acting foaming cleaner that effectively removes oil, heavy soil, and mineral deposits from bathrooms, sinks, toilets, and more. Its high foaming action increases contact time for thorough cleaning and a fresh scent.
Scrub-N-Coat Cleaner
Our Scrub-N-Coat Cleaner Concentrate is perfect for scrubbing and recoating floors, ensuring cleanliness and maintaining the shine of your surfaces.
Snap 'N Shine Restorer
McCall’s Snap’n Shine Floor Restoration Compound delivers outstanding floor appearance, protection, and safety at minimal cost. Use it to maintain any floor finish with any speed floor machine for ultimate results.
Speedall Power Cleaner
Speedall is a powerful, ready-to-use spray cleaner that effortlessly removes ink, grease, crayon, and more. Safe for most washable surfaces, it’s your go-to cleaner for fast, effective results. Note: Do not use on glass.
Spray 10+ HD Cleaner
Spray Ten Plus tackles tough soils other cleaners leave behind. Safe for most surfaces not harmed by water, it’s ideal for stainless steel, tile, plastic, rubber, and more. Leaves surfaces clean and deodorized. Note: Do not use on glass.
Super Dish Detergent
Formulated for commercial use, our Super Dish Detergent is perfect for handwashing dishes, glassware, and more. It’s gentle on the skin and builds long-lasting suds for spot-free cleaning, leaving a pleasant fragrance.
Surfacide Foam Disinfectant
McCall’s Surfacide cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes hard, non-porous surfaces with ease. It kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi while leaving surfaces shiny clean. Perfect for homes, hospitals, schools, and more, 19 OZ. Directions: Spray on surfaces and wipe clean. Ideal for toilet seats, countertops, and more.
Tile Typhoon Tile/Grout Cleaner
Tile Typhoon is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner that removes dirt, oil, and wax from ceramic tiles, porcelain, and grout. It’s an effective grout cleaner for polished and non-polished surfaces.
True Clean Carpet Cleaner
Tile Typhoon is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner that removes dirt, oil, and wax from ceramic tiles, porcelain, and grout. It’s an effective grout cleaner for polished and non-polished surfaces.
Velvet Sheen Dust Treatment
Our oil-based Dust Mop Treatment enhances dust and dirt pickup, preventing flying dust and resettling. It extends the life of your floor finish while maintaining its gloss. Ideal for routine dust control, 14 OZ.
Vibrant Vehicle Wash
Vibrant Vehicle Wash provides a spotless clean for buses, cars, and trucks. Its high-performance formula ensures a brilliant shine for your vehicles.
Wasp & Hornet Killer
Our wasp and hornet spray delivers rapid knockdown and kill of hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. It reaches nests up to 20 feet away and offers residual protection for insects returning to the treated area, 14 OZ. Directions: Use indoors and outdoors to eliminate nests in attics and other areas.
Weed Xtra Aerosol is a powerful non-selective herbicide that provides long-lasting control. With an easy-to-use inverted trigger, it targets weeds in cracks and crevices for effective results up to 12 months, 17 OZ.
Weed Xtra is a highly concentrated non-selective herbicide that kills all types of broadleaf and grass weeds by absorbing through the foliage. It deactivates on contact with soil, preventing harm to desirable plants. Use it for spot weed control around trees, flowers, bushes, shrubs, patios, walkways, driveways, and fences, as well as in vegetable and flower gardens. It’s effective against broadleaf weeds, grasses, and both annual and perennial weeds. Results are visible in 1-2 weeks.
Windshield Deicer
Our non-smearing windshield deicer melts frost, ice, and snow on contact. Its high-volume delivery ensures quick removal from windshields, windows, and more without harming your vehicle’s finish, 16 OZ. Directions: For ice removal, start your car, direct spray toward ice, and use wipers for quicker action.
Winter Wax
Winter Wax is a non-stick spray designed for snow equipment, preventing snow and ice buildup for easier maintenance and use, 11 OZ.
Woodhue Lemon Polish
Our superior wood polish combines hard wax and cleaning agents for dusting, polishing, and waxing in one step. It leaves a fresh lemon scent and requires no hard buffing, providing the protection of a paste wax with the ease of an aerosol, 17 OZ.